National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA)

About NAMA

NAMA is the RMI's motor auction association. NAMA joined the RMI in 1969 under its former identity - the Society of Motor Auctions (SMA). Being part of a larger trade association brings a number of benefits to NAMA members, including access to a legal service and commercial benefits as well as the ability to liaise with other RMI trade bodies such as franchised dealers.

NAMA is a continuously evolving organisation representing a dynamic and changing industry. NAMA publishes a monthly auction report giving an up to date view of market conditions and develops initiatives for its members such as a common grading standard for vehicles being sold at auction.

NAMA members not only auction motor vehicles both physical and online, but also offer a range of remarketing services including logistics, vehicle preparation, inspection and grading.

As a membership requirement, all NAMA members adhere to a comprehensive Code of Practice which provides essential reassurance to buyers and sellers alike. Approximately 95% of vehicles wholesaled in the UK are sold by NAMA members.